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Naturopathic Doctors treat the person, not the disease.

My core value is connection.  Helping people to connect to their own truth, their values and the way they want to live.  My passion is finding undiscovered connections within the human body and how these influence sickness and health.

Blending science with the power of creativity and intuition, I have developed health & wellness programs specifically designed to target your individual health concerns.  These programs are simple to follow, combining the latest scientific research with a fun and innovative approach, supporting you every step of the way back to a balanced, vital and healthy state.  Who says healthy needs to be boring!

In this electronic age, information is easy to come by, connection is not.  It is through the power of human connection, being able to tell your story and have it heard, that healing of the body, mind & soul can happen.  Healing is not just the absence of disease; it is a return to wellness, a return to wholeness.