Ann – Several years ago I became quite ill with whooping cough, which also led to severe asthma and was topped of with swine flue and a cracked rib from coughing. I was being treated by my family doctor for around 4 weeks and was taking many medications, none of which seemed to be working. Just walking around the house made it difficult to breathe. A friend of mine recommended that I see Deborah Lloyd. My consultation with Deborah was a positive experience. She knew exactly what I needed! Within 3 days of taking the herbal mixes she provided me with, I was actually starting to breathe a little easier. My breathing and energy levels just got better each day. I have continued to see Deborah ever since and on all occasions and health issues she has been amazing. I highly recommend her to all. Thank you Deborah.

Kath – I recently consulted Deborah regarding a tooth infection, my front tooth was impacted which affected my sinuses; my upper lip was badly swollen as was my left nostril. Although I firmly believe in the medicinal properties of nature, I felt there may be a little Deborah could do as the infection was in full bloom, but to my amazement within the first half hour of starting her treatment the throbbing had stopped and the swelling and pain had subsided with each further dose. I progressively felt better this prompted me to recall a previous experience I had using conventional antibiotics which made me nauseous, the codeine in the pain relief gave me constipation and the drowsiness of these drugs caused me to take time off work, there was not any of these effects using Deborah’s natural approach to medicine. I highly recommend Deborah Lloyd for all health conditions. Deborah has a wealth of knowledge and conducts this in a very professional and caring manner.

Liz – I first sought treatment from Deborah for my son to address his asthma and bronchitis symptoms about eight years ago. Following great results, the whole family now attends and I find the herbal and homeopathic remedies great for treating ailments and for boosting the immune system. I would recommend Deborah Lloyd highly for her knowledge and professionalism.

Trudy – Just wanted to let you know that I completed my detox this week (Mon, Tues and Wed). I felt great, no headaches, no real hunger pains or problems with missing “eating”. I felt great during the detox, energy levels pretty much stayed the same. I scaled my exercise a little (I can see you shaking your head). Thinking as I eat pretty clean anyway, I was most likely eating foods, just in a liquid form. Made a smoothie for breakfast today (which kept me going till 1.30 pm) and had a salad for lunch (about my normal size). I am so full, definitely need to ease back into this eating business. The detox had made me re-think my eating even more. I was a bit out of control with my nut eating (was my go to snack). I have recently got out of the habit of “thinking” that I needed to eat every two hours to keep the metabolism firing. So, thanks again. The workshop was great, I enjoyed it and looking forward to more workshops in the future.

Lynette – Thank you very much for the very informative session on the weekend, I really appreciated the opportunity.The structure of the session was very good, I think there was a lot to process in terms of our own reasons/challenges etc, and particularly in discussing mental blocks/ways to change perspective or outlook. I felt that one of my biggest challenges was certainly addressed through the tasting of each of the juices in the session as I was concerned about beginning the program and getting part way through and finding this to be a hurdle that I would struggle to overcome. I found the explanations of the science behind the detox really interesting and a must to fully understand the purpose of the detox. I am going to begin tomorrow, so will let you know how it goes. I feel really prepared and motivated after the session, not only for this detox, but also for ensuring I put more effort into the well being of my health and body, so I want to thank you for emphasizing this.

Deanna – After visiting Deborah with my daughter for her poo problems and having it fixed so easily, I knew where to go when I started suffering from morning sickness. Deborah knew straight away what I needed and I immediately started to feel much better. Thank you Deborah for your kindness and wisdom.

Nicole – I just wanted to thank ou for all your help and advice with Oliver’s skin. He is all better now and had been since the end of December with just one or two spots which is totally normal. I will recommend your practice to all my friends.